Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy & How does it work?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment option for treating a variety of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.  It can be used in addition to or in some cases in place of traditional treatment.

Certain wavelengths of light cause effects on living tissue at the cellular level referred to as photo-biomodulation, that result in increased blood and lymphatic flow and increased cell production.  Ultimately these effects result in reducing swelling and inflammation, reducing pain, and speeding the healing process.  

The laser therapy device emits light waves through a fiberoptic cable attached to a “treatment head” similar to that on an ultrasound machine, but instead of emitting sound waves it is emitting light waves.  The head (or wand) is passed over the affected area for a few minutes and the light penetrates into the tissue causing the biochemical effects.  Your pet feels nothing except a soothing warmth during the treatment. 

The number of treatments your pet will receive depends on the condition and how chronic or severe it is, and will be determined by the veterinarian according to your pet’s progress as he/she goes through the treatments.  If your pet has an acute condition, he may need to receive only one treatment. 

Laser Therapy Uses:

Laser therapy is used post-surgically at the incision site to help reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and bruising and cause faster healing.  It is also used after tooth extractions to reduce pain.

Laser therapy is used for acute conditions such as ear infections, ear hematomas, hot spots, lacerations/wounds, abscesses, sprains/strains, etc. 

Laser therapy is used to treat chronic conditions  such as lick granulomas, gingivitis/stomatitis, feline acne, focal chronic dermatitis, and especially for arthritis.

Laser therapy can even be used for internal conditions such as bladder infections, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis and feline asthma.

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